Pretty Press

Pretty Press // Flower Press

$44.95 AUD

Remember the wonder and fascination you felt picking fresh flowers in a sun drenched field or the sneaky ones you’d quickly grab through the fence from the neighbours garden?

Remember your Grandmother showing you how to press them in her huge encyclopaedia and returning to them a few weeks later to discover something that felt a bit magical and special? 

Welcome to pretty press.

The same wonder, the same magic… just with a little more prettiness.

Lovingly created by florists, the pretty press came about through the want for an extended life span for flowers and a desire to make it look just as beautiful as the flowers it will hold.

You can press something as simple as a leaf from the ground or as meaningful as your bridal bouquet. The pretty press can do it all.

Flowers all hold meaning… their scent can take us to a loved one’s garden, their appearance can take you to a time in your life and perhaps the best thing is, they’re timeless 

One year olds love flowers just as much as 100 year olds.

And that’s why we think everyone will love the pretty press.

PLEASE NOTE | Flowers may vary due to seasonal availablity. We may need to substitute to a flower as close as possible to the picture and within the colour tone.

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