Musings from the Moon

Musings from the Moon // Affirmation Cards Boxed Set

$45.00 AUD

'Affirmations are simple statements that we repeat to ourselves to encourage self-kindness and positive change. By becoming aware of our thoughts and repeating supportive Affirmations with a gentle and open attitude, we can influence our emotions, our actions and our entire experience of life.' Jenna, Musings from the Moon

Jenna has designed this gentle pack of Affirmation cards with the intention of inspiriting peace, ease and joy within you and those you love.

This beautiful boxed 45 Card Deck includes wooden stand, guide booklet, gold foil detail on back of cards and is printed with Soy Ink.

PLEASE NOTE | Flowers may vary due to seasonal availablity. We may need to substitute to a flower as close as possible to the picture and within the colour tone.

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