We love our flowers and we are sure you will love receiving some too! We want them to last a long time to you can get the most enjoyment out of them as possible. To help we have prepared some care instructions and tips to get your flowers to last.

Bouquet, Sheath & Fresh Flower Care Tips: 

Make sure your vases are cleaned well before use and free from bacteria as this can affect your flowers.

Keep in a cool dry place and top up with water regularly. Some flowers like a bit of humidity but more often than not, they like cool dry conditions. 

Change water regularly and trim the stems of your flowers to allow more water absorption. By trimming the stems on a angle it allows more area to help the flower absorb up the stem. This is beneficial to do this every couple of days, sometimes longer in the colder months. 

Boxed Arrangment Care Tips: 

Our boxed arrangements are made using oasis - a water absorbing flower foam which is contained in waterproof packaging within our boxes. Make sure water is kept up to the foam refilling by pouring water into the centre of the box every 2 days.

You will be able to tell by the weight of the box if the water and foam is needing attention!

Follow this same process for arrangements based with moss.

Potted Orchid Care Tips:

It is important to give them ample water, however allowing the roots to dry out in-between waters its a MUST! Allowing air flow around the base of the root system is going to help this drying out process allowing the orchid to be ready for a fresh watering.