Please see our below chart as a guide to flower availability for your wedding.
Allium (oct -Jan) Agapanthus (nov-dec) Cattleya Orchid (march-may) Arum Lily (may, aug-nov)
lilac, white, purple & pink lilac, purple & white red, hot pink,pink, white,  white
Amaryllis Lily (sept-nov) Amaranthus (jan-feb) Purple & Yellow Apple Blossom (may-sept)
pink, red green, red Cymbidium orchid (march-aug) white-pink
Anemone (sept-nov) Bird of Paridise (feb-oct) pink, orange, red, yellow, Blushing Bride (july-sept)
white, pink, purple & red orange-purple green & pink white-pale pink
Bouardia (nov-july) Celosia (dec-june) Hyacinths (april - oct) Cyclamen (may-nov)
red-white, pink red, burgundy, orange & yellow white, pink,hot pink, purple & hot pink, pale pink & white
Calla Lily (oct-jan) Crabapple (dec-jan) lilac Daffodil (june-sept)
purple, pink, red, orange & yellow Pink - white Nerine (march-may) yellow
Cordifolium (aug-feb) Frangipani (dec-feb) hot pink Forget me not (july-sept,jan)
red, orange & yellow white-yellow & pink-orange Pomegranate (march-aug) blue
Dahlia (nov-may) GingerComb (Nov-April) green & red (ripe) Gardenia (june-aug,jan)
red, deep red, yellow, white, red, yellow & orange Reflixum (may-sept) white
pink & peach. Gloxinia (dec-feb) Green-yellow Geralton Wax (june-aug,jan)
Flannel Flower (sept-dec) pink & purple Stock (april-nov) pink, purple & white
white Hydranger (nov-april) white, purple & pink Goddess Lily (may-oct)
Green Trick (carnation) green, purple, pink & blue white-green
Green  Protea (jan-june) Helleborus (aug-jan)
Grevillea (oct-jan) pink, white, green & honey brown red/purple, green &
red, green, white, pink, yellow & orange Poinsettia (nov-feb) white spotted crimson
Gymea Lily (sept-feb) red Jonquil (june-sept)
red Pussy Willow (jan-march) white-lemon
Larkspur (oct-feb) brown-white Love in the mist (july-sept,jan)
Pink, white, purple & lilac Siam Tulip (jan-mar) blue
Lilac (oct) white-green, soft pink & hot pink Miniture Rose (july-march)
purple lilac Stephanotis (dec-feb) Standard colours
Lily of the Valley (oct) pink, purple & white Poppy (june-sept)
white Snapdragon (nov-sept) red, orange, yellow, pink & white
Lisianthus (oct- april) pink, purple & white Pussy Willow (june-july)
white, lemon, green, pale pink, pink, Tuberose (dec-feb, aug-sept) brown-white
dark pink, mauve & purple white with pink buds Rhododendron (june-oct)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (spring) Tulip (feb-nov) pale pink, hot pink & white
white, soft pink & pink white, green,red, pink, purple Sweet Pea (june-july)
Peony Rose (oct-dec) orange & yellow. white, soft pink, hot pink,
white, soft pink & hot pink Water Lily (oct-march) purple & lilac
Queen Anne's Lace (oct-jan) pink, yellow, lilac & purple Waratah (july-sept)
white/green red
Red Hot Pokers (jan-june)
David Austin Rose (oct-may)
Ranuculus (sept-nov)
white, soft pink, hot pink
orange, red & yellow


Alstromeria Gypsophila
white, pink, green, red White
yellow & orange Heliconia
Anthurium red, orange & yellow
white, salmon, pink, lime, red Iris
& pink-green purple, white & yellow
Asiatic lily Jasmine
white, pink, yellow, orange white & pink
red & coral Kangaroo paw
Asters pink, green, red, red/green,
white, pale pink, hot pink, yellow & orange
lemon, mauve & yellow Lavender
Artichoke purple
purple flower Leucadendron
Banksia red, yellow & green
green, yellow, orange, red Lotus pod
brown & silver green
Carnations (all varieties) Oriental Lily
white, yellow, green, pale pink, white, white/pink
mid pink, burgundy & purple. Pitcher
Chrysanthemum green & green/purple
pink, white, red, green, yellow Peace Lily
lilac & orange white
Daisy (chrysanthemum) Roses (import in winter)
Yellow/white white, lilac, red, orange
Dis Bud (chrysanthemum) Singapore orchid
white, yellow, green, tan & white, green, lilac, pink, tan & dyed blue
mauve Statice
Delphinium white, purple & pink
blue, white & purple Solidaster (golden rod)
Dusty Miller Yellow
Silver Twisted Willow
Freesia brown
white, pink, red, lemon, mauve, Vanda orchid
purple & yellow Hot pink, red/orange, purple & yellow
Gerbera (large & mini) Violet
white, pink, hot pink, orange, purple, white & pink
yellow, lemon & red
white, purple, green, pink,
yellow, red, orange & lilac