Post Wedding Flower Ideas

After spending quite a significant amount of money on your stunning wedding flowers, dying is the last thing you want to see happen to them! 

We have done some hunting and gathering as well as consulting with our brains trust here at Simply Stems and we have come up with some ideas for you and your bouquet (and other wedding flowers) to help preserve the memories of such a precious day... and put your flowers to good use!

1. Spread the Joy - By far one of our favourite ideas is to spread the love by donating your flowers to a local hospital, nursing home or charity organisation to let them enjoy their beauty for a few days. As most of us know all too well - flowers simply make people happy!

2. Frame Away - A lot of picture framers can help you with Framing techniques to help utilise your flowers. It might be preserving a single stem and accompanying it with a photo from the big day, or perhaps your dried out petals can make a frame or fill a shadow box. Contact our friends at McKellar's Picture Framing to see how they can help frame your blooms!

3. Rest & Recycle - Start by drying out your blooms (the internet is full of techniques for this however we prefer the old hang upside down trick). Once you have your dried petals you can use them in all kinds of things! Home Made Bath Bombs, Beautiful Hand Poured Candles or Christmas ornaments & baubles.. The possibilities are endless!

Remember... One thing to move on quickly straight after the wedding, remove all ribbon and tie that is holding your flowers together, then give your flowers stems a good trim on an angle to allow more surface area for the flowers to drink. It is important to move quickly on making a decision about what you want to do if you want to preserve your flowers .