Mother of the Bride

Being a mother is such a special thing - an experience no one can truly understand until you become one. A huge milestone in motherhood is watching your sons or daughters get to their wedding day. We hear of so many special traditions involved in a wedding, especially between mother and daughter. Perhaps she is wearing a revamped version of your original wedding dress or your mothers weddings rings have been passed down the line for her to wear on the day. One tradition we love being a part with wedding flowers is the wearing of a corsage for the ever so important M.O.B!  A corsage is traditionally worn by the mother of the brides & other family members to distinguish them as guests of importance. A mother's corsage is worn either pinned to the lapel of a jacket or as a wrist band. Corsages are mostly made up of flowers matching the brides bouquet and are a beautiful way to tie the bride & her mother's looks together. 

 Photography by Emily Burchett Photography