Trend Alert // Wreaths

Did you know wreaths have a lot of significant meaning. Traditionally made from fresh evergreens, they are said to symbolise strength as evergreens last the harshest weather conditions. The never ending circle holds many special meanings and is also represented by the giving of rings.

We had heaps of fun making a few beautiful examples for the recent GV Bridal Co photo shoot. The colours can tie into the overall theme of the wedding, from soft pastels, to bright bold textural arrangements. Our full green wreath was made with Ivy and was large and lush, and looked amazing with the detail of the wedding dress and the worn Church door patina.  Wreaths are a unique way to show your personality during your wedding ceremony.

 So now you have an alternative to carrying a bouquet at your wedding. The wreath may carry symbolic meaning on your special day, and can include some secret meaning by adding flowers or foliage important to you and your partner.

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