Your Biggest Investment...

There’s no doubt owning your own home is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Possibly more than once.

So when it comes to selling that huge investment, you have to make it look exceptional.
You have to make it stand out.
And you have to make sure the cherry is on top.
Because when you sell your home, you’re investing in an ideal for the new owners and selling them that dream.

Yes you can do the traditional baking bread or a chocolate cake but what about flowers?

Before I owned my own home, I always had grand plans of wandering around a farmers market every Sunday and buying myself a huge bunch of fresh flowers to take home, arrange in a vase and place in my home while the sun beamed in the windows and I sipped a cup of tea...
Needless to say, it didn’t QUITE work like that because life/work/money/kids/ weekends away/housework all came first.

BUT that’s not to say you can’t sell that dream to people looking to buy your home. Flowers and plants make a huge difference to the feel of a home and by incorporating these into your pre-sale clean up you are bringing the outdoors in and investing in a very clever campaign.

You’re putting the cherry on top of their new home.
You see it in all the house magazines... you know those perfectly displayed homes with their perfect paintwork, perfect decoration and perfect style. They ALWAYS have fresh flowers for their photos.
Even the reality TV shows. When a room is revealed from being uninhabitable to magnificent, there are flowers to complement and sell the dream. They’re in every room... bedroom, bathroom, lounge room and kitchens. Even sometimes the laundry!
So when it’s time to put your home on the market, add fresh flowers.

You, and your biggest investment, will no doubt come out better for it.