Where does your flower grow?

Have you ever thought about where our flowers come from? There is so much talk of buying fresh and seasonally for all of the foods we purchase and the same applies to flowers. We are lucky in Australia to have many different climatic zones, so a lot of flowers can be produced in Australia to extend the season of our favourite flower.

As we come in to the cooler months, we will start to see an abundance of the beautiful bulb flowers, like tulips, daffodils and erlicheer. We enjoy them so much more because we don’t have them all the time. And from the Northern Hemisphere we start to get our Summer favourites back, but be prepared to pay. Just like when we buy our cherries in season and get them at a good price, buying your flowers in season gives you the same advantage.

So think local, understand the season that we are in and all the beauty that provides. I love this time of year for the Kale, Stock, Tulips and all the other flowering bulbs that provide colour and fragrance. And I am reminded that after these cold months Spring will come and we will be treated to another range of seasonal flowers.  

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