Flowers really are good for your health!

As a team of floral stylists, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants every day. 

We’re also a pretty happy bunch (no pun intended!) and we wondered… does it all come down to the flowers?

We know plants are helpful in eliminating many harmful pollutants for your home which can cause headaches, coughs, colds, allergies and fatigue. Their power lies in their leaves which purify the air and release oxygen while absorbing the dangerous toxins.

It seems flowers are just as powerful!

Behavioural studies have shown that placing flowers in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway or wherever you get ready to start your day, can help beat the morning blues by boosting positivity, energy and enthusiasm. 

People with fresh flowers in their homes are more likely to feel relaxed, less anxious and more empathetic towards others.

The colours of the flowers is also reflective of the mood you’re trying to create so flowers with bold, saturated colours will energise while soft, pastel tones will calm and relax.

If you’re working from home, placing flowers or plants around the home will not only increase your creativity, but studies have shown that they also improve concentration and productivity.

Turns out those 70’s hippies were pretty spot on… flower power is most definitely the way to go!

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