Indoor Plant Care Hacks

To ensure we our keeping our plant babies healthy as can be, we have embraced these simple hacks to upkeep our very impressive indoor plant game. #indoorplantgamestrong

How much is too much? // Over watering is a common killer of indoor pants (yes, we are guilty of this too!) As the colder weather rolled in, we cut watering back to fortnightly and this is because we want to make sure the soil has completely dried out before we give them another top up! When the warmer weather starts to bless us again, thats when we go back to weekly watering. (If you constantly have your heater pumping then its probably best to favour the next hack).

Finger soil test // Stick your finger into the soil and then observe; if the soil has stuck to your finger and feels moist, maybe skip watering this time but if the soil hasn't stuck to your finger and feels dry, its watering time! (Some indoor plants prefer moist soil so make sure you do your research to ensure you're letting them live their best life).

Best thing since sliced bread // I can not stress enough how fantastic self watering pots are! Not only do they look cute but they advocate convenience; simply top up the water tray at the bottom and the plant will drink what it needs, when it needs. Hundred perfect worth the investment. (Again make sure you research your plant variety as some trickier plants disagree with self watering pots.. bummer, what a buzz kill).

Followww the sunnn // If your plant is starting to favour one side then its time to rotate it! This will give your plant the chance to grow evenly and upkeep its aesthetically pleasing job.

It's not me, it's you // Most indoor plants will remain dormant during the colder months so do not stress if you haven't seen any new leaves for a little while. The change of weather will indicate to your plant that it's time to start growing again #glowup . We suggest feeding (fertilising) them with the changing of seasons, this will give them an extra boost and give you the most during that precious growing time. Btw Spring; we're looking at you.. We are so ready for you now!

Feelin' dusty // Clean the leaves from dust regularly! If there is a layer of dust covering the leaves, the sun won't be able to do it's job for your plant & your plant will be sad :(

If they’re bringing bad vibes, Cut. Them. Off. // Any dead or dying leaves will be draining the literal life out of your plant baby so its best to cut them off with a blade or scissors, just ensure your tool of choice is clean so it doesn't harm your plant & do more damage.

And thats pretty much it, easy right! #crazyplantlady 

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