How to use self watering pots...

and why we think they are the BEE'S KNEES!

We have been stocking Mr Kitly self watering planters since launching Botanicals by Simply Stems earlier this year and we thinking they are the best things since sliced bread! 

Although they may not be the most exciting thing to look at, they make it almost impossible to kill your plants so they won us over. We have seen such dramatic changes and growth in the plants we have in these pots. Some people might find themselves on either end of the spectrum - they forget to care at all for their plants, or they care for them SOOO much and tend to over water. 

So how do these magic little planters work? 

Normal planter use the drip trays to catch excess water, Mr Kitly pots works almost in reverse. Once your plants have established themselves in the pot, they suck water up through the planters clipped in feet which sit submerged in the water tray at the bottom. As long as you keep this tray filled with water - your plant will be one happy little chappy. It is still a good idea to water your plant from the top when it is first establishing itself in your new planter as it's root system has not found its way to the bottom just yet. 

These amazing pots can we kept out on display for all to see (their looks have really grown on us) or pop them inside your favourite pot or basket, either way these magic, cost effective, plant saving gems are a must have for you plant obsession!

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