How to create your own plant Eco System

  1. Place a layer of rinsed mini pebbles in the bottom of your chosen pot or container. Make sure your layer of pebbles covers the bottom of the pot in a 1-2cm thick layer. Enough for excess water to rest in.


2. Dip your sphagnum moss in water and then squeeze excess water out. Cover rocks with the moss and pack down into place. Make sure there is a solid layer and no visible pebbles. This creates a solid layer so soil doesn't enter the pebble layer.


3. Sprinkle a layer of activated charcoal over the moss. It only needs to be enough just to cover the moss. This helps remove toxins and bacteria from the soil and water. 


4. Place a small amount of soil in the pot to cover the charcoal. 


5. Place your plant into the pot and fill in remaining space with extra soil. Pack down until plant is compact in its position. There's no need to loosen your plants soil and roots from the original pot... it's happy in there so just add the additional soil around the edges to fill it out.


6. Finish off with a light water to ensure the original soil and new soil begin to merge together. A feed of indoor plant food by The Plant Runner will help your plant thrive in it's new environment.


We know it's expensive and difficult to get your hands on all of these specialised products when you have to buy large bags of each, so we are excited to now offer our "DIY Eco System Packs" that have a little bit of everything you need to pot your plant! This is the perfect gift to accompany our gift boxed plants. 

This tutorial and pack are also exactly the same principles and products used for creating your own indoor fern and plant terrariums. Succulent terrariums require a slightly different soil.

Happy planting!!

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