Foliage - It's the new black!

Foliage as florals seems to be a huge interior design choice at the moment, and its really easy to achieve this look. Place a single leaf in a glass jar in the bathroom or a group of different sized vases and interesting leaves in your entrance hall. These make a statement in the simplest of ways, most of these beautiful glossy foliage options will last week's in a vase. Remember to change the water regularity and trim the stems to let them drink freely and wipe the leaves to keep free of dust. 
Compose a little still life with your favourite framed photo and a small living art work by placing some tropical leaves in a jug. The options are endless and the look beautiful. Try some of these leaves to achieve this look... Monsteria, Arrow leaves, cordyline. 
Here are some idea for you to inject some colour into your life & home...
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