Delivering emotions...

We are in the business of facilitating emotions, happy or sad, to reflect your inner most thoughts. Instore one of the first questions we will ask a customer is “How can I help” really what we are asking is who are you buying flowers for? Another question is what is the occasion, if it a birthday, perhaps something bright would suit the day, a celebration and thoughts that you are thinking of them even if you can’t be there to celebrate their birthday with them.

Sad situations can be difficult, be it a passing of a loved one, an illness, or to mark a special day, flowers tell them that they are not alone, that they are loved and that you care for them. And sometimes it is the unspoken message that it sends that hits the mark.

For congratulations, be it a new job, an engagement or a new arrival, you are wanting to share that joy and promise that is to come. Flowers are a perfect gesture to show that you are excited by their news. A delivery to the new job lets them know that you are thinking of how their day is going. A delivery of flowers to a new Mum at the hospital expresses joy and tells them that we can’t wait to meet the new bub.

Sometimes the card message for a delivery tells the story. But often it’s the expression of when they open the door and look at the flowers, “Are they for me?”, “Who are they from?” are questions we are asked. But it’s the joy, the tears, the smile that tells us that they know the reason why and we get to give that little bit of emotion out every day.