Bring the Outdoors in with a Terrarium or Potted Fern

Plants are a great way of brightening up an office, kitchen bench or living room. Terrariums and potted ferns don’t like to be kept in direct sunlight, they will thrive in a shady position, so that’s why they are perfect for indoors.
People always worry about how much to water, basically you don’t want the terrarium to dry out or be too wet. The beauty of having them in a glass container is that you can check the moisture level, if the stones at the bottom are dry, add a small cup of water. Give the leaves a mist with water, trim off any leaves that are turning brown, this little bit of attention is all you need to do to keep your Terrariums and Potted Ferns happy.
Sit back and enjoy a little bit of greenery inside.

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