We Deliver

Did you know that Simply Stems deliver? And not only do we do it – we LOVE it!

Deliveries are one of our favourite things to do, wether it be a birthday surprise, to say thank-you, congratulations or even to brighten someone’s day in times of sadness, we love being able to be the ones to deliver the news. 

Over the years, our team has had many memorable moments on our delivery runs but each of us has that one particular time that has never disappears from our minds and has made a real impact on us.

“I got to deliver to the school crossing lady who works on a particularly busy road which is used a lot of local truckies. They all got together and decided to get the crossing lady flowers to tell her she is was doing an amazing job keeping everyone safe and still allowing them to do their jobs well. When I delivered them to her she was so shocked and had a tear in her eye! It was so beautiful!”

“It was Christmas Day 2013, I had a delivery to a girl for her 21st birthday. When I knocked on the door her dad answered, firstly they couldn’t believe we delivered on Christmas Day and secondly that someone had remembered her birthday. She was so excited and it was so nice to see”

Although each of these favourites are amazing, nothing beats the everyday occurrence of being able to deliver flowers to someone who has no idea they were coming or who they were from. It is such a magical moment seeing the excitement and intrigue on their faces and the happiness knowing that someone is thinking of them on that very day.